It took me a while to have courage to start “swimming” towards new green horizons. To the horizons, where my lifestyle is more sustainable and less harmful to our planet.

I was scared to lose sight of the excessively comfortable life that I had – buying food that takes me only few minutes to microwave, driving from door-to-door, travelling often by plane to not-so-far destinations and heating my house so warm that I can be in winter in T-shirt. This was all convenient and these are just few examples.

My fear was that life outside the comfort zone is too hard and I would get very tired with my three little boys. And then I would burn out…

Few months later, I am feeling happier than I have for a very long time. I am not more tired or overwhelmed than before starting this green journey. I “swim” with my own pace. I move forward with hope and faith, both providing me courage to continue, one day at a time.