My comfort zone is like a harbour. Like a ship is safe in harbor, I am safe in my comfort zone. Yet I do not grow. And life does not feel well lived like that. We are not made to live only in our comfort zones.

To thrive and have sparkling eyes, I need regularly to get out of my comfort zone. For that, I need courage. As they say, faith without works is dead. I need courage to put my faith into action.

Transitioning towards greener living is not an exception. To live a life that feels great — with no eco-guilt and eco-shame — I need to get out of the comfort (zone) of my old easy ways that are not earth-friendly. Like driving a car door-to-door, eating pre-prepared meals, often packaged into single use plastic…Or taking a plane when I could go by train. Alternative ways might feel too much. They might also take too much time according to my old mindset. I thus need courage and encouragement to break out of my old habits.

A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for. Quote by John A. Shedd.

How do you sail out of your comfort zone to grow? What works for you?