Each time when I realise that I have slipped into my old comfort-driven ways of doing things, this powerful quote helps me to return living in a more eco-conscious way. All I need in order to start again a more environment-friendly lifestyle is just to be willing. To have willingness to do the next right thing in relation to our beautiful planet. And this in turn will give me the necessary power to get into action and stop hiding and procrastinating in my comfort zone.

Willingness without action is like faith without action. Yet indeed, there is something about wanting to be willing that expands the willingness and brings the possibility of action.

Yet what to do when I feel that I really lack willingness and it does not seem to expand?

What works for me is to check if I am not exhausted and overwhelmed. These states often drop my willingness. When I realize that I am in one of these states, I try to make a little break. Also being alone and doing the things I love helps me.

How can I stop finding excuses today and put my willingness in action to help the Mother Earth? It does not need to be something big and fancy. For instance, having my coffee with non diary milk alternative is a good start.

The willingness to do creates the ability ro do. Quote by Peter McWilliams.

Do you relate to this quote? How do you become more willing? How do you stop procrastinating?